When you invest in a Jill Clarke sculpture, you get more than just a physical product.  Every piece represents a proud hand-fabricated design with craftsmanship which is as old as the hills. Nothing is left to chance, every detail considered and executed with the greatest love for the design and crafting process.  Each piece is hand-made in a barn, enlisting local skill sets from local people.  We pride ourselves on working with a team that hones distinctive craftsmanship to develop Jill’s designs.

We offer a full installation service for all pieces (fee applies). 


Resilience is an elegant, refined sculpture representing the grace in each of us to overcome personal struggles. The challenges we face test our ability to explore our inner strength with recovery and healing surpassing adversity. Fabricated from Corten to represent strength the sculpture reaches upwards with beautiful curves to offer hope.



Windfall was created in the autumn – reminiscent of fallen apples in the orchard at Jill Clarke’s studio. The weathering process creates a rustic finish, adding to the elegance and quiet stature of this large piece. Whether a stand-alone feature or combined with wild meadow or naturalistic planting, even structural domes, Windfall adds its personality every time.


Flow is a beautiful corten piece wth elegant lines. It evokes memories of a tenderness and the first flush of a meaningful connection with another. The cantilever base represents the strength in the development of our inner feelings as we navigate the emotion of new experiences which uplift us.


Change, obstacles, challenges and decisions are an inevitable part of all our lives. Being mindful and aware allows us to respond rather than react. A collection of ever-growing platforms of cuboid corten boxes represents the emotional and social intelligence through our range of diverse interactions to remain true to ourselves.


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